Pacific Airways exists through the generous volunteer efforts of our pilots and staff. While the hobby of virtual aviation is free the costs of our server space to run this website and its related databases and our new website are not. If you would like to help support the efforts of Pacific Airways with a donation click on the paypal link below. Donations are NOT REQUIRED from anyone currently on our Pacific roster but we would appreciate your generosity should you choose to make a donation. Your contribution will be put to good use supporting the site for this airline. If you would like to donate please click on the "Paypal Donate" button below. Thank you Very Much, Tom Detlefsen COO PAY1100

NOTEM: Donations to Pacific Airways go directly to Tom Detlefsen's airline paypal account. Tom is the Chief Financial Officer who pays all the bills for the airline. We do this to save the expense of maintaining a business account with Paypal.

Thank you for your donation, Rich Haney - Airline CEO




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